We sell general insurance for the following companies

Wa Also Sell Specialty Insurance

General Insurance

As Independent Insurance Brokers, Wylie Insurance works on behalf of you, our valued client. We offer a wide variety of products and Insurance Providers in order to ensure your coverage fits your needs.

Wylie Insurance Brokers offers a complete line of general insurance products, including Home, Auto, Motorcycle, Marine, Farm and Commercial, in both high-risk and regular markets.

Find out today how much you can save by combining your personal insurance policies. You may even be eligible for additional discounts which you are currently not receiving. Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation quote.

By signing up with Intact, and installing the myDriving Discount device young people between the ages of 16 to 24 will save 10% upfront and can get up to a 25% Good Driving Discount.e


Life Insurance

We represent several life insurance companies and can provide any type of policy required. Whether you require minimum insurance to protect your mortgage, or full coverage to protect your family and their future, Wylie Insurance can meet your needs.

We provide competitive rates for the following:

Mortgage insurance: Don’t let the bank dictate how your insurance dollars will be spent after the death of a loved one. By buying personal life insurance through a broker at Wylie’s, you are given the control you need to best provide for your family, while still protecting your biggest asset.

Individual and Group Insurance (benefits): If you, or your workplace currently does not have an individual or group insurance policy (commonly referred to as benefits), contact us to see if one of our products can make affording those extra-medical expenses a little easier to bear.

Key Man Insurance: protect your company with Key Man Insurance, making sure your company’s assets are secured.

Succession Planning: Nothing is more important then your estate. After decades of diligent work, be confident that after you’re gone, your loved ones can carry on.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance: Regardless of how careful you may be, accidents can still happen, on or off the job site. By purchasing a disability insurance package, you can protect your family in the event of an accident which leaves you unable to work. WSIB offers a small compensation for those who have been hurt on the job site, but your own personal disability policy protects you wherever you go.